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      • Benzoic Acid

        Main application: Benzoic acid and its sodium salt can be used as emulsion, toothpaste, jam or other food’s bacteriostatic agent,It can also be used as a mordant in dyeing and printing.Also can be used...

      • Sodium Benzoate
        Use: This product is an excellent food preservative,  can be used as the antiseptic sterilization of various...
        Sodium benzoate (powder)
        Sodium benzoate (noodle)
        Sodium benzoate (granule)

      About us

      Liao Ning Huayi chemical Industry&Commerce Co.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of Benzoic acid and Sodium Benzoate . We located in the High-Tech Industry development zone, Chemical industry park of Fushun city ,which is the fountain of Manchu culture and famouse as the Royal shrine . The good location offers us a very convenient transport facility :15 kilometers away from Fushun downtown , 50 kilometers from Shenyang ,260 kilometers to....

      contact us

      Welcome to Liaoning Huayi Chemical Industry & Commerce Co.,Ltd.

      Address: Fine Chemical industry Park, Dongzhou High-tech Development Zone, Fushun, Liaoning, China 113004
      Sales Department: +86-24-53781555 / 53781666 / 53781777
      International Trade Department: +86-24-53787727 / 53787737
      Fax: +86-24-53781222   Customer Service Department: +86-24-53781888
      Mobile: +86-18041313888 / 18241380888   Email: sales@hyhmchem.com

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